Slaughter, Michael: First Love: A Christ-Centered Environment for Church Renewal


Slaughter, Michael First Love: A Christ-Centered Environment for Church Renewal (A six part video study from Whaleprints, United Theological Seminary, Dayton OH 1-800-322-5817) An important explanation of the theological principles which undergird the growth of Ginghamsburg UMC from 90 to over 1000 in attendance in ten years. This tape clearly indicates the paradigm shift in values that is necessary for growth; without this foundation, cell church techniques are gimmicks that don’t work. Essential.
Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Six Principles For Risking Renewal (Abingdon, 1995) updates and expands in book form on the material from the First Love tape. In May, 1996 Ginghamsburg UMC’s attendance averaged 2200, an increase of 1000 since moving to their new campus 18 months ago.




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