INTEREST Group Worksheet – Four Cornered Room – "Learn from Me" part 1.

INTEREST Handout – 4 Cornered Room
Disciple: from Latin discipulus ‘learner’, from discere ‘learn’;
1. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me … Mat 11:28-30
2. If you continue in my word … John 8:31-32
3. Teach them to observe all that I have commanded… Mat 28:18-20

Three levels of learning, three levels of classes.
1. You’re already here … might as well stay. Bring your coffee.
2. Just come; no preparation. But we’re serious.
3. Is your homework done? This class takes work.

Structural Principle: The problem is not to change or replace structure but to utilize existing structures for disciple making.

WORKSHEET … fold a piece of paper to provide for three columns. In the center column, place a “1” at the bottom, a “2” in the middle and a “3” at the top – the represents he ascending level of difficulty of the learning opportunities you offer. Then list all the classes and opportunities for learning which your church now offers to people.

Consider what you have listed in the center column. For each item, identify who is in charge and hope open the group is to new participants. Finally, come to a decision about whether this need is met in a balanced way, if more classes are needed, or if there are too many classes.

Share your findings with the group. Label the column to the left “New Ideas” and note any new classes or learning opportunities you would like to try.

(Instructions for the right hand column are in the next post.)

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