INTEREST Group Worksheet – Four Cornered Room – "Learn from Me" part 2.

INTEREST Group Worksheet – Four Cornered Room – “Learn from Me” part 2.

In the previous post, you filled the left most column with new ideas and the center column of your worksheet with what your church is currently offering in Christian Education in three levels of difficulty:

Three levels of learning, three levels of classes.
1. You’re already here … might as well stay. Bring your coffee.
2. Just come; no preparation. But we’re serious.
3. Is your homework done? This class takes work.

In the right most column, please write a “1” at the bottom for the easiest classes, a “2” in the center, and a “3” at the top for the most difficult of classes. Now consider what types of learning your church could offer that are not primarily spiritual in nature – classes that are not entirely religious but that would be interesting to an unchurched person or meet a significant non-religious need.

For example:
3. Is your homework done? Financial Peace University.
2. Just come; no preparation: weight loss, TOPS or exercise class.
1. You’re already here … shoot baskets, play volleyball.

Brainstorm with others about learning opportunities that might meet non-religious human needs. How many can you imagine? Celebrate any that you listed.



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