FELLOWSHIP Group Worksheet – 4 Cornered Room – “Come And See”

FELLOWSHIP Group Worksheet – 4 Cornered Room – “Come And See”

1. Robert Putnam, Bowling Alone: Participating in a small group that meets weekly will decrease your chances of dying in the next year by half. It has the equivalent benefit to your health of quitting smoking.
2. Rodney Stark conversions. Relationships are essential to conversions. (Connectional = networking.)
3. Josh Hunt: Consider giving “Friday Nights To Jesus”

Recreation creates relationships. Worship alone creates a weak bond.

Scripture: Love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22:39

On a clean sheet of paper divided into two vertical columns, list in the left hand column the current fellowship activities of your church. (Do not include activities if their primary purpose is other than having fun or strengthening relationships.)

Review your list … next to each item, note who is in charge of that activity. Put a star next to it if persons outside your church participate.

Consider your list … do you believe that your church is balanced with regard to serving this need … or that this need is overserved … or underserved?

Share your list with others, and then brainstorm as a group possible “fun and fellowship” activities for your church based on what you are hearing from others.


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