Just Say "No" to Video

I like to read. that’s why I buy books and surf the net instead of watching television.

And I’ve finally decided to learn my lesson. A lot of what I read in print encourages me to watch a video for the real information. And I watch while someone I don’t know drones on and on about the wonderful information they are going to share with me. Today I decided not to do this anymore. Here is the offer in print that tempted me:

If you’re behind on your financial goals, the world’s richest & smartest investor has revealed a handful of secrets anyone can use to get rich later in life. I heard this information first-hand. Now, I’m sharing it with you. Watch the video above to discover why Warren Buffett hasn’t always been on top. In fact, he made 99% of his money after the age of 50. It happened because as he got older, Buffett made dramatic changes to the way he invests. In fact, if he had given up at age 50, he’d have a mere fraction of what he has today. You can now follow in the same footsteps, using the same tricks Buffett did. Watch on.

I did watch the whole thing for the lesson to take hold. This video exhaustively described the benefits of 11 rules derived from Warren Buffett’s investment strategy … without EVER mentioning ONE of the specific rules. After about 20 minutes I realized I was listening to a very long commercial and that I would receive no useful information in return for my time.

My time is valuable.  I could multitask while this video is playing … and I did … but it’s well known that multitasking degrades quality performance. So simply by having the video playing in the background, I decreased my productivity for the time that it was on.

The investment lesson I learned from this video, after lots of previous examples as well as this one, is that it is a waste of my time. Everyone’s time has a value … divide your yearly income by 52 weeks and 40 hours and you’ll get a number you can use as a yardstick. That’s your basic hourly rate. And that’s how much you lost spending an hour listening to drivel. Never again.

To review:  I prefer to receive my information via print. If the information promised is not available in print, I decline to watch a video. I also decline to watch a sequence of slides … also known as clickbait because it forces you to look at a sequence of advertisements while you are waiting for the information to load. The information promised is enticing, but I’ve rarely found that a single slide is worth the wait. And the video is worse – if I hear something valuable, I AM THE PERSON WHO THEN HAS TO WRITE IT DOWN. I can’t copy and paste it into a note. And I’ll have to rewind the video several times in order to catch the wording. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me 1000 times … well, it’s time for me to repent and do something different. The most effective form of time management is learning when to say “no” to a request for us to invest our time.

There’s only one way to get your copy of the Warren Buffett Retirement Plan … subscribe to the Investment Newsletter that is the whole point of this commercial. No thank you. Now give my 30 minutes back. And the money it was worth – probably less than the newsletter you are trying to sell me in a duplicitous way. Never again.warren b

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