Book Report: Richard J. Foster’s Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth

41Lux2chYBL._SX335_BO1,204,203,200_As reports, “Richard J. Foster’s Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth is hailed by many as the best modern book on Christian spirituality with millions of copies sold since its original publication in 1978. In Celebration of Discipline, Foster explores the “classic Disciplines,” or central spiritual practices, of the Christian faith to show how each of these areas contribute to a balanced spiritual life.”

This post begins a series inviting you to join in a conversation on what is meaningful in this classic book on spiritual growth via participation in regular spiritual disciplines. A post is planned for each section of the book. Your observations and experiences shared in the comments can be included in the original post in future revisions, expanding the usefulness of this excellent resource.

Here are the sections:

Introduction: Spiritual Bankruptcy.
3 Converging Influences.
3 Empowering Catalysts.
3 Divine Providences.

Chapter 1. The Spiritual Disciplines: Door to Liberation.
The Slavery of Ingrained Habits.
The Spiritual Disciplines Open the Door.
The Way of Death: Turning the Disciplines into Laws.

Part 1 the Inward Disciplines.

Chapter 2. The Discipline of Meditation.
Biblical Witness.
Hearing and Obeying.
The Purpose of Meditation.
Understandable Misconceptions.
Desiring the Living Voice of God.
Sanctifying the Imagination.
Preparing to Meditate.
The Forms of Meditation.

Chapter 3. The Discipline of Prayer.
Learning to Pray.
The Foothills of Prayer.

Chapter 4. The Discipline of Fasting.
Fasting in the Bible.
Is Fasting a Commandment?
The Purpose of Fasting.
The Practice of Fasting.

Chapter 5. The Discipline of Study.
What Is Study?
4 Steps. (Break into Four Parts?)
Study of Books.
Study of Nonverbal “Books”.

Part 2 the Outward Disciplines.

Chapter 6. The Discipline of Simplicity.
The Bible and Simplicity.
A Place to Stand.
The Outward Expression Is Simplicity.

Chapter 7. The Discipline of Solitude.
Solitude and Silence.
The Sacrifice of Fools.
The Dark Night of the Soul.
Steps into Solitude.

Chapter 8. The Discipline of Submission.
The Freedom in Submission.
A Touchstone.
Revolutionary Subordination as Taught by Jesus.
Revolutionary Subordination as Taught in the Epistles.
The Limits of Submission.
The Acts of Submission.
A Final Note.

Chapter 9. The Discipline of Service.
Self-righteous Service Vs. True Service. Service and Humility.
Yes … But.
Service in the Marketplace.

Part 3. The Corporate Disciplines.

Chapter 10. The Discipline of Confession.
Authority to Forgive.
Diary of a Confession.
Council in the Giving of a Confession.
Council in the Receiving of a Confession.

Chapter 11. The Discipline of Worship.
The Object of Our Worship.
The Priority of Worship.
Preparation for Worship.
The Leader of Worship.
Avenues into Worship.
Steps into Worship.
The Fruits of Worship.

Chapter 12. The Discipline of Guidance.
Some Models.
The Spiritual Director.
The Limits of Corporate Guidance.

Chapter 13. The Discipline of Celebration.
Celebration Give Strength to Life.
The Path to Joy.
The Spirit of Carefree Celebration.
The Benefits of Celebration.
The Practice of Celebration.


In Celebration of Celebration of Discipline.



The Celebration of Discipline book can be previewed or purchased at this link –

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