The First Convert: 'to become a whole Christian'

QUOTE: Whilst preparing for orders, Wesley won his first convert. Somewhere about the midsummer of 1725,f he and a young gentleman with whom he was intimate quietly left the company in which they were, about eight o’clock one evening, and went to St. Mary’s Church to see the funeral of a young lady with whom both of them had been acquainted. As they paced one of the aisles, Wesley asked his companion if he really thought himself his friend, and if so, why he would not do him all the good that lay in his power. When his friend began to protest, Wesley entreated that he might have the pleasure of making him a whole Christian, to which he knew’ he was half persuaded already. He reminded him that he could not do him a greater kindness. as both of them “would be fully convinced when they came to follow that young woman.” Wesley’s companion became exceedingly serious, and the good impression was abiding. Eighteen months after this conversation he died of consumption. Wesley saw him three days before his death, and preached his funeral sermon at his special request.

NOTE: This is a theme of Wesley’s understanding. Many of those in a the church are not a whole, or fully Christian.

Sermon to this point …



The quote above is from The Life of John Wesley by John Telford – Chapter4, EARLIER YEARS AT OXFORD, AND CURACY AT WROOTE, 1720—1729 and is found at Copyright © 1993-2011. Wesley Center for Applied Theology, c/o Northwest Nazarene University. All Rights Reserved.

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