WIKIPEDIA: An Overview Of English History

The following sequence of posts is an overview of English history related to Methodism using Wikipedia, the open source online encyclopedia. Wikipedia is a good source for information as one is allowed to make copies of the information without violating copyright restrictions. You can copy and use this material in printed materials or sermons or small group handouts – courtesy of the Creative Commons license within Wikipedia. Other quotes in these posts are likewise from public domain materials.

The events of Wesley’s life and Wesley’s evangelical movement take place in a social and historical context shaped by two centuries of political and religious struggle. It’s easy to misunderstand Methodism if you are not familiar with the historical context.

As a means of understanding that history, I’ve copied portions of the introduction section of several Wikipedia articles into the following posts in order to provide an introduction to the history and background of Wesley’s life and Wesley’s movement. Hyperlinks (underlined in blue) allow the reader to instantly view additional articles in Wikipedia, plus one can also read the full article I’ve used.

Here are a list in order of the posts in this series:

Henry VIII and the emergence of the Church of England  
Church of England  
Trends in the History of the Church of England  
English Civil War (1642–1651)  
The English Reformation  








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