The One Minute Minister: Book 3.13 – Prayerwork

BOOK THREE – Angel’s Story


from The One Minute Minister: Restoring Spirituality to Time Management

⌚ 3.13


The minister felt a flush of anger. “Are you saying that my problems are the result of sins? Sins that I have committed?”

Four people looked at him with compassion and sorrow.

“That’s what we have found to be the case in our lives,” Bill said. “When I was in rebellion against God’s way for me to live my life, I thought I made mistakes, and I made excuses because everyone makes mistakes. Now I know they are sins, and that sets me free because sins can be forgiven. You’re stuck with your mistakes; sins can be washed away.”

“When I made choices, they were ways that I thought I expressed my freedom,” Angel said. “Not including God in my choices by not taking time to pray was a mistake. Now I see it as a sin because it excludes Jesus Christ from his proper role in my life as my partner in all things. I only hurt myself when I don’t consult with my partner. I only hurt myself when I make no record of what I learn through prayer.”

“The first three steps remind us that we cannot control everything,” the One Minute Minister said. “That’s why we need to choose to submit ourselves to God so that we work with God instead of excluding God. So prayerwork heals us by bringing our life back to the proper order: God first. If God is our partner, we need to consult with our partner. If we value that partnership above all else, we will consult with our partner first. To do anything else is a sin against the partnership.”


⌚ 3.13

Think about all the aspects of your life. List them.

In which aspects is Jesus a full partner? In charge?

In which aspects is Jesus a stranger? Where you operate under your own strength?

In which aspects are you currently having problems? What are these problems? Can you describe them clearly – a result of Journal Clarity?

Place a checkmark beside the aspects of your life which you have recently prayed over. Does this reveal anything to you?

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