The One Minute Minister: Book 3.03 – Prayerwork

BOOK THREE – Angel’s Story


from The One Minute Minister: Restoring Spirituality to Time Management

⌚ 3.3

“When we live the first concept,” Angel said, “we take time to be with God.”

“You mean pray.”

“Yes, but more than that. This is not a spiritual discipline where people focus on a particular activity. This is a minute where we come to a stop and just simply be with God.”

“Be still and know that I am the Lord,” the minister quoted.

“Exactly. Psalm 46:10. So take your watch off and hand it to me.” She held it in her hand. “We’re going to be still for a minute, but I want you to tell me when a minute has passed. Starting … now.”

After a while the minister said, ”Now.”

Angel smiled. “Thirty-five seconds. Don’t be surprised. When we run at 90 miles an hour, a minute at that speed seems to take less actual time. Now I will do the minute, and you reach out to your God and share your thoughts.”

He became still, closed his eyes and a calmness filled him. He became more aware of the sounds in the restaurant in his silence, but he was also aware of a core of peace somewhere inside of him. He began to think of his wife, their young son, and his yearning for life to be more meaningful. It came to him that he also made choices to exclude them and be busy away from them. Why did he do that?

“Time,” Angel whispered softly.

“That was only one minute?” he asked in disbelief.

“It doesn’t take long,” she said. “The harder question is why a minister, or anyone with faith, would ever do something without taking a minute to pray about it and hear from God.”

The stillness lingered; he felt as if he was on the shore of a vast, calm lake of sadness.



⌚ 3.3

How do you choose to spend time with God?

Or is your time spent with God not a choice, but an unscheduled happening?

Do you spend time with God often enough you can say that you have habits? What are your habits of spending time with God?

Do the experiment of meditating for what you think might be a minute. Then see how long you spent in silence.

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