The One Minute Minister: Book 2.2 – Show Him the Money

Book 2.2 – Show Him the Money
from The One Minute Minister: Restoring Spirituality to Time Management

⌚ 2.2

            He looked at the two left at the table. “What table are we?” he asked.
            The woman, identified as “Angel” by her name tag, said, “We are a pet project of Frank and the senior minister. Bill and I call this the burnout table but Frank and the senior pastor call it the OMM table.”
            “Burnout table?” the minister asked.
            “We are both survivors of professional burnout. Pretty severe cases,” Angel said. “Frank told us you would be here tonight, so we came to meet you. Our main group normally meets here on the fourth Wednesday of the month, but we are clergy and wanted to help.”
             “Why do you call him Bill and his name tag says ‘Oscar’?”
             “It’s short for Oscar the Grouch,” Bill answered. “The character from Sesame Street. My burnout manifested itself as anger and complaining. So the group labeled me as ‘Oscar’ and whenever I get out of line somebody calls me Oscar. That wakes me up from being a grouch. My goal is to be more ‘Bill’ and less ‘Oscar’ to the people I work with.”
            “I compensated by pretending to be perfect and flawless so my nickname became ‘Angel’ – which we all know none of us are.”
            “What’s Frank’s nickname?”
            They snickered. “Frank!”
            “What does OMM stand for?”
            “That’s what the senior pastor calls his cure for burnout. He now prefers to call himself the One Minute Minister. He even has that as the title on his business card.”
            “Why the One Minute Minister?”
            “Because it only takes a minute to change direction,” Bill said.
            “Because it only takes a minute to ask God for guidance,” Angel said.
            “Because it only takes a minute to show people you care,” Bill said.
            “Because it only takes a minute to get started on your paperwork!” Frank said, laughing, as he returned to the table. Bill crumpled up a piece of paper and threw it at him.
            “Because it only takes a minute to be honest about your imperfections,” Angel said.
            “Because it only takes a minute to recognize that you’re acting like a grouch,” Bill said.
            “Because we clean up our messes one minute at a time,” Frank said, throwing the paper back at Bill.
            “Because we relate to God one minute at a time,” Angel said.
            “Because we relate to our people one minute at a time,” Bill said.
            “Because we tie up our loose ends one minute at a time,” Frank said, clipping a green clothespin to the placard.
            “How long did you rehearse that?” the minister asked. “And who’s the comedy routine for?”
            They just looked at him and smiled.
            Frank nodded toward the table of teenagers where an older man excused himself and walked toward them. Dressed casually in khaki trousers and a polo shirt, he radiated calmness, confidence and competence. “Hello,” he greeted him. “I’m the One Minute Minister.”


⌚ 2.2

Who do you know that radiates calmness, confidence and competence?
What would it be worth to you to feel like that?
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