RON EDMONDSON: 7 Reasons Leaders Quit Your Organization

iStock_000009672051XSmall-300x299RON EDMONDSON writes: If your organization expects to grow, you’ll need to attract, develop and retain quality leaders.  One of the highest costs an organization has is replacing leaders, so ideally once a leader is hired, you’ll want to keep them.  I was reflecting recently on why leaders tend to leave an organization, apart from finding a better opportunity.  I don’t want to stand in the way of a leader leaving to an opportunity I can’t match, but I don’t want to lose them because of something the organization did wrong.

Here are 7 reasons leaders tend to quit your organization:

They couldn’t live out their personal vision – Leaders are internally driven. They have personal visions in addition to the vision of the organization.

They were told no too many times – Leaders have ideas they want to see implemented.

They felt unappreciated/never recognized for their abilities -– This goes for all team members.  People need to know that what they are offering is valued.

They were given no voice – Leaders want input into the direction of the organization.

They were left clueless as to the future of the organization – Leaders need inside information so they feel ownership in the overall direction of the organization.

Their vision doesn’t match the vision of the organization – This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but is best discovered before the leader joins the team.

They were micromanaged – Leaders don’t need managing as much as they need releasing.  Leaders need to help chart their future.

You can allow leaders to work for the good of the organization or stifle them, discourage them and spend valuable time and effort consistently replacing them.  If you want to keep leaders…let them lead!



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