The One Minute Minister: Book 1.2 – The Problem

Book 1.2 – The Problem from The One Minute Minister: Restoring Spirituality to Time Management
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     The next morning at coffee he was embarrassed. “Admitting that I am in a position where my life is unmanageable is one thing, and admitting that I have no clue as to how to solve it is even more painful. It’s obvious that I need someone with a fresh perspective to show me the way that I can’t find for myself anymore.”
     “I agree,” she said, pouring him a second cup of coffee. “That’s why I’ve already called my brother Frank. He’ll call you at the office today.” Frank was the head of personnel for a rapidly growing corporation in Capitol City, about 30 miles away.
     “Why Frank?” he asked.
     “Honey, if you were unique, your problem would be unique, and there might be no solution. But you are not unique, and so your problem can’t be unique. If it’s not unique, and, as troubled personnel is his business, Frank has probably seen it before.” She bent over and kissed his forehead. “And you’re never going to shut me out of that part of your life again.”
     “Amen,” he said, and kissed her thoroughly.

⌚ 1.2 
Is your life unmanageable? if not the whole, is some part at least a little out of control? Can you recognize that you might have a problem?
Do you have trouble admitting that you might have a problem? Do you believe your problems are unique?
Who do you know who might have expertise with your situation? Or someone known to someone you know?
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