Video for Teen Level – "Sunday Morning"

If  picture is worth a thousand words, a video may be worth ten thousand. This amazing video, to me, captures in a satirical way the essence of what is appealing about the megachurch to the person at the level of spirituality that I call the “Teenage” level.

I truly admire a megachurch that can laugh at themselves as a way to provoke thinking about following Christ at a deeper level. There’s much, much more to a healthy megachurch than what’s visible on the surface … and this video describes that surface level perfectly and the desire of some to attend a church that is NOT “their parents’ church” as a means of finding themselves.

The video comes from Northpoint Community Church where Andy Stanley is pastor. A lot of the negative comments about it on the web come from people who don’t seem to understand the point of the satire. No one needs to make a video of shallow, boring traditional worship so that people can see the need for a deeper faith … we have plenty of live examples all around us. But we do need a video like this to help us to look beyond the “fad” of contemporary worship to learn what is really at work in these churches. Imitating the surface level of what a megachurch seems to do rarely leads to genuine growth – which is the point of the video.

You can read more about Northpoint here – righclick and select “Open In New Tab” to view: and

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