Willow Creek's Seven Step Philosophy

The “seven step philosophy” is Willow Creek’s original discipleship system, and the discipleship system is the engine that drives the growth in worship attendance. The steps are:

1. Build a Relationship (level 4 outreach)

2. Share a Verbal Witness  (level 4 conversation)

3. Invite to a Seeker Service (level 1 – “cross the line of faith”)

4. Become Part of New Community (level 2 – Disciples)

5. Participate in a Small Group (level 2 – spiritual family)

6. Serve in the Body of Christ (level 3 – serve through a small group)

7. Steward Financial Resources (level 3 – financial maturity)

Beyond step 7, individuals are working in relationships with others at Step 1, which forms the cycle of discipleship.




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