The Fourth Wave: Disciple Making Movements (CPM)


CPM a.k.a. Church Planting Movements

The fourth wave of cell church innovation is a Church Planting Movement strategy rather than a church growth strategy. In the fourth wave, as in the New Testament, all energy is invested in disciple-making and no energy is wasted on creating an institutional church or rebuilding the Temple. More aptly named a “disciple multiplication movement,” fourth wave churches begin small, remain small, and continually spin off new small churches rather than grow one larger church. As seen in the Church Planting Movements, I believe they are demonstrably the most effective system of evangelism in the world, and particularly in the hostile 10/40 window.

The brochure that outlined the new foreign missions paradigm for Southern Baptists in 1999: David Garrison, Church Planting Movements 

The video:  Church Planting Movements was produced by the International Mission Board’s David Walker in 1998.

The book:  Garrison, David. Church Planting Movements: How God Is Redeeming A Lost World. Midlothian, VA: WIGTake Resources, 2004.


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