The First Wave: Yoido Full Gospel Church


The First Wave: Yoido Full Gospel Church (

With 700,000 members, the Yoido Full Gospel Church of Seoul, Korea, is the model for the first wave of understanding the development of the cell church.

Evangelism at Yoido has an explicit territorial, geographical emphasis. Geographical districts of cell networks mimic the old parish system. Evangelism focuses on the immediate geographical neighborhood of the cell leader. The Korean term for cell leader is literally ku-yok jang which means “leader in one’s small geographical territory or area.” … The cell group identifies needs within the lives of specific people in their micro-mission field and sets goals; the cell group then visits and prays for and with specific people in their neighborhood…. Cell groups focus on ministering to their neighbors in micro-mission fields; they solve small, local human problems through building helpful relationships first horizontally between neighbors and then vertically between those neighbors and Jesus Christ.



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