I believe that Neil Cole’s lay driven evangelism methods and strategy for organic church planting are an excellent example of a discipleship system that could work in mainline church settings, and particularly in the United Methodist Church due to our connectional church polity and our history of ecclesiolae en ecclesia.

Logan, Robert E. and Neil Cole. Raising Leaders For The Harvest. Carol Stream, IL: ChurchSmart Resources, 1995.

Cole, Neil. Cultivating A Life For God. Carol Stream, IL: Church Smart Resources, 1999.

Website for Church Multiplication Associates:

On Facebook: Organic Church Movements

“Jesus With An Iced Latte” by Steve Lawson. Charisma, April 2004.

Click to access Jesus_with_an_iced_latte_article_by_steve_lawson_full_text.pdf

Neil Cole’s Story of Moths and Cockroaches

The Story of John the Satanist –

Two different paradigms: disciple making networks (Neil Cole) vs. the megachurch (Ed Young)

Coming and Going: Two leaders. One mission. Two very different strategies; a Leadership interview | posted 11/24/2008.

Leadership Journal.

Training:  Organic Church Planting Greenhouse with Neil Cole:

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