Farming the Neighborhood vs. Foraging for Disciples

Cell churches farm neighborhoods and establish the Kingdom of God locally.

There is a major shift between the third and fourth waves of cell church development.

CPM or Church Planting Movements forage through cultures, looking for persons who are ripe to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. They are a hunter/gatherer evangelistic strategy.

Jesus told the disciples that “fields were ripe for the harvest” and that they were to “reap what others have sown.” A basic principle in the fourth wave is that there are people who are ready, i.e. ripe, and the basic task of a worker in the harvest is simply to go out to them and gather them into the church.

While all waves of cell church development reflect biblical principles of disciple making, the fourth wave more closely seems to describe what Jesus actually did. Some describe this model as a “disciple making movement” while others use the term “apostolic band.”


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